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360° Knife Sharpener


SH-131 features 360° rotatable sharpening wheels and cutting edge protector. Its sharpening result and durability are increased greatly. With the suction cup, sharpening knife is also safe. No sharpening skills are required. Blunt knives can be sharpened quickly and easily. It will bring users the convenience and great sharpening result that they never have with affordable price!

1. Uniqueness
2. Ergonomics
3. Cutting edge protector keeps knives in fixed position. The cutting edge will be uniform in both sides and the blade never jumps up and down. 
4. The precision of the sharpening wheels is 0.01mm. Knives will become sharp and smooth without damage.
5. Different contacts all around the 360 degree sharpening wheels.
6. Sharpens both sides of the blade at the same time. It saves times.


Dimensions: L145 x W63 x H52 mm
Materials: ABS, Tungsten Steel, Medium Carbon Steel
Apply to: straight edge knives, kitchen knives


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