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Electric Knife Sharpener

1. Angle Guides for knives with THIN edges(Angle Guide 1) and knives with THICK edges(Angle Guide 2).
2. Belt Covers reduce the possibility of cutting belt.
3. Debris Trays- It is easy to pull out and clean the debris.
4. Switch on the front of the machine prevents liquids or waters from flowing inside of the machine.
5. Hand Screw on the upper cover makes it convenient to remove the upper cover.
6. Metal Guards on the upper cover prevents the cover from being cut when knives are being sharpened.
7. The entire knife from the tip to the bolster can be sharpened.
8. Protecting irons inside of the upper cover and body prevent the plastic body from damage caused by the sparkles during sharpening. Sharpening carbon steel knives is also possible.

Voltage: 110V AC/230V AC
Wheel Speed: 2,500 RPM
Torque: 3,000 G.C.M
Angle Guide 1: Knives with THIN edges(Asian style, slicing, carving)
Angle Guide 2: Knives with THICK edges(European style, choppers, pocket knives)
Dimensions: L360 x W200 x H140 mm
Packing & Weight: 6 UNITS/CTN; NW/GW: 19/20 kg


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